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I am not a witch - Is it just me, or is it a bad idea to follow up with the statement "I am not a witch" with what seems to be a possission spell? Seriously, stop saying that "you are me". It's creepy. It's something a witch would say. And besides, how can you blast out a generic "I'm you" and claim NOT to be a witch when there actually ARE wiccans out there. Are you them or not?

My Beautiful Windows Desktop - Care to see what my Windows Desktop looks like? Of course not! What a silly question...

NEW rcamera.org rollout - I have finally rolled out the new CGI engine and templates. With this new rollout, I have added a few new articles (see Fun section that did not -and could not- exist under the old 2.X CGI engine. Expect to see more articles soon...

CGI Engine V. 3.0 - I have been playing around with sqlite3 and decided to rewrite my CGI engine with an SQL backend. What you see here is the result of this. Don't bother trying any SQL injection tricks - no SQL is generated from anything in the URL bar. Happy surfing!

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